The Blitzschnell Ski Club (the name translates to lightning-fast in German) was founded in 1965 with members primarily in the Massachusetts North Shore area.  For many years the club was based near Mt. Whittier, the now defunct ski area in West Ossipee, NH.  Since selling the house in the 80's the club has attracted members who either own their own houses, are day trippers, or are members who hold dual memberships at other clubs for lodging purposes.  At times there has been sufficient demand that the club has rented a house on a year-by-year basis.  As you can see on the EICSL web site (, the benefits of being a member of a club associated with EICSL are many.  Our members are fully involved with all of the year-round aspects of the social and ski race opportunities the league offers in addition to our own club events. 

We have a very reasonable fee structure for skiers who would like to join the club and participate in EICSL.  We offer a general membership, which includes club and EICSL membership or full membership which includes club, EICSL and race fees for participation in the EICSL White Mountain Racing.  EICSL racing is a separate program for those who are interested in competitive, all abilities, all ages, ski racing.  Race classes are broken down by both age and ability level so you're never racing someone either way above or way below your ability level.  The junior membership includes race program participation and eligibility for all of the discounts on food, merchandise and services which are listed on the Discounts Page of the richard mille replica EICSL web site.

The Blitzschnell Ski Club also offers a separate race membership for members of other EICSL clubs who do not have a race program.  All race members must be EICSL members through their primary club.  Please use the membership form if you would like to join us.  Feel free to e-mail or call 978-337-1818s if you have any questions.


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